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by admin

I am Marta Iglesias, originally from Spain
with a deep passion for understanding

behavioral health since young,
which made me overcome many barriers

to pursue my dream,  coming to Miami
and learn from it is cultural diversity

I love connecting with my deeper self, and my emotions while learning from other cultures and people. I used to travel to countries in need to learn how they cope with difficult situations and understand how their cultures are impacting their new living situation. This is my passion, help you discover your strengths and passions to be really confident and joyful on everything you do.

Respect and ACCEPTANCE are the most important values I show my clients. We learn from everyone doesn’t matter their situation, economic status, cultures… We all have a different and unique story. I show them how important is to accept and respect yourself, that is necessary to do the hardest, most important and first step: asking for help and accepting it. I value them for coming to therapy, I have been there too!

I love helping you find your own personal healthy and passionate path. We have to find what works for you and not apply what could be helping others. You are unique, you have to discover yourself to have control of your own decisions and life. I combine the personal and emotional side with your professional. Everything is connected, we are the same human being personally and professionally. Looking into a path that really fulfill you breaking those barriers that are stopping you from doing it.

I am a go-getter, I fight every day to do what I love, breaking stigmas and labels.

This is my story, what about yours?



Counseling works with the client through a wellness model, we see the whole, instead of just symptoms. We could diagnose but we prefer not to use labels and understand that everyone goes through their own journey and emotional state.

Counseling is, a modern discipline that started back in 1950’s with a vocational development purpose. Counseling does not exist in many countries, but when people ask for help sometimes what they are looking for is a professional that could help them manage their emotions, learn how to make healthy decisions, build themselves, and find their unique identity; that’s what counseling is about, combining your personal with your professional side looking at you as a whole.